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A. Altschuler 11 Year Bourbon, 109.6 proof, Barrel 22-AA

A. Altschuler 11 Year Bourbon, 109.6 proof, Barrel 22-AA

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This cask strength single barrel bourbon shines brightly with its 109.6 proof, with every sip an exploration of its untouched depth.

The bourbon embarked on its maturation odyssey in the verdant expanses of Indiana. For a nearly a decade, the barrels absorbed the forest-fresh notes, reminiscent of evergreen canopies without the sharpness of pine, weaving them seamlessly into its profile. Its migration to Kentucky enriched its palate with two more years of nuanced maturity.

On the nose, the bourbon greets with a vibrant lemon and custard, like you would find on a filled shortbread, harmonizing perfectly with the forest undertones. The color, a shade lighter than many might anticipate, is a testament to a gentler char level, yet its brilliance remains undiminished. On the palate, one discovers layers of soft vanilla, toasted undertones, and a kiss of earthy leather. Its mouthfeel is luxuriously velvety, punctuated with hints of dark chocolate and a spicy warmth. The finale is a graceful waltz of cinnamon sweetness, leaving behind a lingering oak with just a subtle hint of rye grain.

A. Altschuler’s 11 Year Bourbon is, in essence, a symphony of patience, dedication, and artisanal expertise.
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