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A. Altschuler 8 Year Rye, 106.6 proof, Barrel 22-R51-1

A. Altschuler 8 Year Rye, 106.6 proof, Barrel 22-R51-1

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A. Altschuler's 8-Year straight Rye. With a cask strength proof of 106.6, this exceptional and specially selected single barrel glimmers in the bottle, its rich amber hue reflects a storied journey, having aged both in Indiana and Kentucky. The nose is greeted by a harmonious blend of spice and sweetness, characteristic of its 51% rye mash bill. Subtle notes of caramel and dried fruits greet the palate, leading to an enchanting dance of flavors on the palate. The initial taste offers a perfect balance of soft vanilla and toasted grain, while the rye's inherent spiciness unfolds gracefully, punctuated with hints of dark cherries and oak.

The finish, long and warming, leaves a delightful trace of baking spices from the rye  and a distinct oak sweetness that serves as a gentle reminder of its Kentucky maturation.

A. Altschuler's 8 Year Rye stands as a testament to the WoodWork Collective brand's dedication to craft, quality, and innovation. The 22-R51-1 release is a limited gem, awaiting those who value the intricate ballet of flavors that comes from a truly well-crafted rye.

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